Upgrading to Encrypted Email

In my ongoing effort to both protect client confidentiality and utilize the most effective technology for my practice, I’ve recently upgraded my email service to a more secure, encrypted provider: Hushmail. While my email address will not change, using Hushmail will allow us to bypass the typical process of emails passing through multiple servers between sender and receiver. In order to do this, encrypted emails will be read through a web browser that accesses the message on the Hushmail server. Once there, you can also respond securely.

Many of you have likely interacted with a system like this when communicating with members of the medical community and will be familiar with this type of interface. For some of you, this may be a new experience. While not difficult, it does require an extra step, which I believe is worth doing in order to protect the privacy of our communication. I’ve created a video that will demonstrate what it’s like to receive a secure email from me:

Using this service is a move toward greater confidentiality and security; however, it’s important to remember that no form of electronic communication is entirely confidential, and I cannot guarantee its security. I would encourage you to keep as much private conversation as possible restricted to our face-to-face meetings.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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