Resources for Dr. Canzona’s Class

Thanks, again, for the opportunity to share some thoughts with you all. Sorry we missed the chance to do it in person 😔 Here are some resources, not just about talking to clients about sexual health, but other ideas I mentioned in my presentation. Some of these would help you gain some general information about sexual health, while others will help you consider your own views on sexuality – a clarity that will help you in your conversations with clients and patients.

Presentation & Handout


  • Sex Outside the Lines (C. Donaghue)- A conversation about sex positivity and the barriers to that growth
  • Becoming Cliterate (L. Mintz) – a wonderful discussion of the reasons for the orgasm gap in our culture
  • Come As You Are – Improving sex for folx w/ vulvas and their partners
  • The New Male Sexuality – It’s a classic, but still one of the best in terms of all aspects of sexuality for those with penises

Clitoris Diagram

Diagram of vulva and clitoris anatomy

Sex Positivity

More Information About Being a Sexual Health Professional

  • AASECT – American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists