I know it isn’t always easy to seek help when life is difficult, so I appreciate the courage it can take to even consider entering into a therapeutic relationship. In my practice, honoring each client’s unique journey toward wholeness and health is of the utmost importance; therefore, I strive to create a dynamic in which we collaborate to establish goals and set the pace for our work together. While I have strong therapeutic training and helpful insights into human nature and relationships, you are always the expert on yourself, your struggles, and your goals.

As a licensed clinical mental health counselor, I offer psychotherapeutic and counseling services to adults who are interested in the following areas of growth:

  • Sexual health – erectile challenges, anxiety, pain, low/high libido, ejaculatory control, looking for more pleasure
  • Relationship health – folx who are doing well in most areas of their relationship and want to enhance sexual connection
  • Navigating the emotional aspects of alternative relationship structures (polyamory, open relationships, etc.)
  • Out-of-control sexual behavior (sometimes called sex addiction)
  • Sexual identity
  • Gender identity
  • Healing from trauma that is impacting sexual health (Training in EMDR & Sensorimotor Psychotherapy)
  • Claiming sexual wholeness after purity culture influences
  • Integrating sexuality & spirituality
  • Exploring and integrating kink/BDSM practices
  • Anxiety
  • Adult children of divorce

My desire is that through the therapeutic process individuals might find freedom from oppressive emotional experiences and thought structures, healing for trauma, and change in draining relationships with themselves and others. Psychotherapy creates space to uncover a better understanding of yourself and others and an opportunity to enhance your emotional, cognitive, relational, and spiritual lives. Although therapy often involves a considerable investment of time, energy, and money, the benefits can be substantial in terms of both temporary relief and more enduring change.

My approach to psychotherapy is largely influenced by narrative, family systems, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioral modalities. I also often integrate mindfulness and mind-body integration (meditation, body scans, etc.) as a way to help clients learn to soothe their nervous systems and become more aware of their experiences. We may even pull out a tarot deck or some Mixed Emotions cards to help you learn more about yourself. These are well-established and researched therapies focusing on one’s present and past history, immediate and extended family relationships, intrapsychic and interpersonal dynamics, and habitual and/or self-destructive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.