Subtle Yoga WhatsApp Community Link & Info

I’ve put together the WhatsApp Community for our cohort. In WhatsApp jargon, a Community is a collection of different group chats. This way, we can have some different themes, which I think will make it easier for us to go back and find information that we’ve shared.

To join the Community, click this link from any device that has WhatsApp installed:

Subtle Yoga YTT 2023 Community

Or scan this QR Code w/ the camera in WhatsApp (at the top of your main chats feed):

Once you are in the community, you’ll see it in your chat list. Open that chat, and you’ll find a link that says “Community Info” – click that, and you’ll see the list of the sub-groups. Click each one and choose “Join Group.”

I’ve created the following themed chat groups

  • Chat & Reflections group (e.g., general chat, new insights, reflections on a recent yoga experience, etc.)
  • Yamas & Niyamas
  • Meditation
  • Resources (books, articles, videos, etc.)

All of these groups will show up in your main WhatsApp chat feed. You can also access the community and see all the groups by clicking the “Communities” button:

If you haven’t already added your name and a picture to your WhatsApp profile, please do (found under Settings) – then everyone in the community will know who’s chatting. Your name (instead of just your number) will show up in all groups as soon as you make your first group post.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions: